Good Evening Girls….it is soon to be Good Morning and by the time I finish writing this it might very well be Good Morning…..I am not quick at the best of times!

Its been a very busy week, I have been busy prepping for the Demo Days at HobbyCraft…yes they went well, had a fab time and met some lovely people – some crafters and some not – but lovely nonetheless!  The staff at Hobbycraft are to be highly commended, they are tireless in their tasks and never seem to stop – Well done to you all!  The defining moment had to be when the fire alarm went off – I was mid demo and in jeans, vest top, flimsy over shirt (it was very warm in store) and an apron! it was freezing outside and just as we stepped out, wouldn’t you know it! the rain started!!! Just my luck!   Hey Ho! we weren’t out long and quickly back inside in the warm.

I am going to include some pics from the items I demoed…not all Stampin’ Up! of course, but there is something Stampin’ Up! on every one of them….

…And talking of Stampin’ Up!,

Ladies there are only a couple of days left of the Autumn/Winter catty…that soon came around didn’t it! I cannot believe how quick that time has gone! So…..If there is anything that you are still wanting from the Autumn/Winter book, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE get your orders into me before 10.00pm on Thursday 31st January because after that…..when it’s gone…it’s gone!

But….remember the fabulous Sale a Bration is on right now….b1_SAB_demo_Dec0112_ALL

PURCHASE £45 of goodies and choose any single thing from the Sale a Bration leaflet FREE! purchase £90 of goodies and get TWO FREE items… know how this goes….

And then….DRUM ROLLL…… we have the fabulous new Spring/Summer catalogue coming out very very soon, making those £45 purchases to get your FREEBIES is going to be a piece of cake! and soooooo many lovely and unusual items….I am so excited to be able to sow you these things and as this week progresses, I am hoping to be able to show you more  so WATCH THIS SPACE…..

Pictures…thats what you really want to see isn’t it, not more text from me….

hand made Tatty Teddy box

hand made Tatty Teddy box

This was so easy to make – it is a pre cut pop out and has glittery bits on it but very effective and great for children to put together, which I had several of at the weekend!

Quick Wedding card

Quick Wedding card

Lots of girls and ladies came to talk about wedding cards….well to be honest, I dont make many….my boys are not quite at the age of getting married and most of our friends children are either the same age as our boys or just not getting married just yet!  I felt I needed something simple…this would have benefitted from some pearls I think…but I did have one lady want to do this for her invites so…..

IMG_0413 IMG_0410

Misty backgrounds

Misty backgrounds

These three cards all use a similar blended background. Using sponge pads, I created these lovely soft backgrounds to show how easy it is to use tone on tone and get great effects. Lots of interest was generated using this simple technique and I am pretty pleased with the end results.

IMG_0411 IMG_0412

Quick Stick 'em together cards

Quick Stick ’em together cards

Kind of speaks for itself doesn’t it?  Very quick, very simple kit cards…although this is one of my faves as it also has lovely glitter on it too!  and you know how I love my glitter…

Another misty card

Another misty card

Finally, another misty card, this one using VersaMark as a resist on glossy card stock….leaves a really soft effect a bit like a water mark….

So tomorrow I am beginning to box up, ready for shipping, all the class kits from the very first Stampdelicious by Stamp! I am overwhelmed by the response, and delighted that so many of you signed up for this! it was so popular that I am not able to make any more this month whatsoever! I truly thought I would have loads left over but NO! not a scrap left!    I know you are going to love the projects and I am already taking pics of next months goodies for you. They will begin to show on the blog late next week so look out for those….

Finally mixed news…as many of you know my youngest boy had several trips to the hospital last year with various undiagnosed infections so it was with huge amounts of worry that he developed another high temperature last wednesday and had to be off school again – in fairness he is still off! – however, I am grateful to be able to say that so are many of his year group with identical symptoms so I am assured that he is suffering te same virus as every one else! In addition to this he received some certificates in the post today from the prelim exams he sat in November…for his Maths and Physics he got really good results (not holding my breath on the others…I am a realist!!!!) and he was still only 14years old when he sat them!  I suspect that there will be some rivalry banter going on when his big brother comes home as the youngest has achieved slightly better marks at an earlier age than the older one! Oh dear…well that’s siblings for you!

Until next time, remember to stamp your place int he world! XXX