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Launch Day!

So launch day is drawing closer and my nails are getting shorter as I worry about whether I can actually get this Card-making and paper-craft weblog off the ground.  It all sounded like such a brilliant idea when I first thought about it: I love crafting, I love card making, I love stamping, I love scrap-booking…therefore it should all be alright, Yes?  Well…… yes and no.

Firstly, I have spent long hours poring over other web sites and blogs to see how the ‘professionals’ do it….and Boy! do they do it well!  One of the first things I noticed was that these crafters were seasoned artists, having been crafting for ten plus years in most cases.  Me?  well, I am still a novice – only three years under my belt and I still have the very first card I ever made. Fortunately, someone did suggest some craft classes after that!

So what do I do now? mostly I look at other peoples websites and go ” I wish I could do that” or “How did she do that?” or more often “I am never going to be as good as that”.  But with practice…. you never know.

Which brings me round nicely to Stampdelicious. When I was first setting out on my crafting life I truly didn’t know a rubber stamp from a clear stamp, a glossy accent from a stickle, a brayer from a masking technique… you get the picture I am sure. What’s more I had no idea where I could find out what these terms meant let alone how to achieve the finishes they promised.  I spent huge amounts of money buying magazines, many of which only gave half the story when it came to a technique. I have now worked out which ones really give good technique instructions and which are just looking to promote more products….but I wasted an awful lot of money on that particular learning curve.

And  so I thought that it might be a good idea for other newbies like me to have some place they can look for techniques, how to’s and get basic support from another newbie – ME!  this is what Stampdelicious is going to be all about – we can progress together.  Some things will be very basic and others might actually challenge us – but it will be US and we can learn together. Over time, you will be able to create your own ‘Delicious Library’ of techniques and  tips for using in your crafting.

I am going to be running some Stamp Camps locally, so keep an eye on the Events page for details of those: These will consist of a six week Beginning to Stamp camp where we will cover most of the stamping techniques and finish up with a project which will allows us to bring all that we have learned together into one unique Keepsake item. Dates and venues will be confirmed within the next couple of weeks. Watch the Events page!

In addition to the local Stamp Camps, I will also be offering Cards in the Mail. This will be a single class project, have full  recipe cards/pdf’s with step-by step pictures to follow and a shopping list of the items used to create the project. Each Cards in the Mail project will be available to purchase with either recipe card instructions only, or recipe card instructions and  the shopping list items to help you complete your project, costs will differ according to which option you take. Watch the Cards in the Mail page for details of the first project.

The Stamping Tutorials page will feature the different techniques after we have covered them in Stamp Camp – if I can find video for these techniques, or indeed manage to produce one myself (I am always up for a challenge!), then they will appear here.

If you are interested in becoming an Independent Stampin’ Up demonstrator yourself, and benefitting from the amazing savings you can make, just give  me a call or drop me an email – I will be happy to help.

As for the rest – well its all pretty self explanatory and I suspect will grow and develop over time.

‘Till the next time…..Stamp your place in the world….

PS – What about a card? I hear you shout…..Well here’s one I made earlier….

Delicious Intentions…

As a Stampin’ Up! independent demonstrator,
I’m here to be your creative coach, give you fun project ideas, share special offers, and, of course, show you some fantastic stamping products. I look forward to helping you unleash your creativity!

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