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Lest we forget….

To day is Remembrance Sunday….need I say more. I find this to be terribly emotional and cannot watch the Remembrance Sunday ceremony on the television except at a distance. This doesn’t mean that I am ignoring it or denying anything. My Mum, who was born just before WWII, was very big on remembering what happened, the people that she personally lost as a result of the war and all the terrible things that went on and people endured. My Mum held some strong opinions about the bad people on all sides and took time to ensure that we understood there were two sides to every war and that neither ever did anything to recommend themselves. Both side were equally as heinous in their own way.

She never missed the Ceremonies and programs about it. Consequently neither did  we as children. As a result, I have a pronounced view on the war, the atrocities and consequences. Winners and losers and in my opinion, there were very few winners.

My Mum is no longer with us and she is badly missed. She would have loved to see the Remembrance Service today on such a clean and crisp morning, with the sun shining and the world looking good in it’s frosty coat.

When I observe my minutes silence this morning to remember all the fallen, I will also remember my Mum.

Lest we forget….

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  1. Moni

    Your message was clearly from your heart & made me even more glad that I chastised a man in the supermarket who talked all the way through the two minutes silence,with me was my aunt who’s husbands father was killed in action before he was even born & the fact that my son is in Afghanistan (not fighting he is a medic) but is still on the front line as he is in the helicopters that go to the wounded to evacuate them ,really made me see red I was incensed & felt he had to be made aware of how disrespectful he was .

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