The Perfect Starter Kit – or How to earn money while doing what you love!!! (you can click this line for short cut to signing up!)


How would you like to earn money while doing something you enjoy? or maybe you are not yet hooked on crafting or or maybe you don’t really know where to start? Would you like the convenience of working from home and setting your own hours?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then Stampin’ Up! is the perfect opportunity for you.

Doing what I love, and sharing what I love with others are just a few of the benefits that made me decide to become a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator. I love sharing my passion for stamping with family and friends, meeting new people, and having the chance to build a great business doing so. I also get to set my own schedule and that is a definite plus!


Even better, Stampin’ Up!’s Demonstrator Starter Kit is completely customisable! Build your Starter Kit your way! For just 129 €/£99, you get

  • Your choice of up to 175 €/£130 worth of any current Stampin’ Up! products!
  • A business supply pack valued at 60 €/£45!

That’s a total value of 235 €/£175!


If you’re interested in becoming a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator and DOING IT YOUR WAY, follow these easy steps:

  1. Click here Join Now  to join Stampin’ Up!
  2. Read and agree to the Independent Demonstrator Agreement.
  3. Purchase your Starter Kit. The online form will prompt you to choose up to 175 €/£130 worth of products to create your own custom Starter Kit, allowing you to start your business, your way!

Once you’ve completed the above steps, Stampin’ Up! will send you a password so you can log in to the demonstrator website where you’ll find an abundance of tips, ideas, and training to help you.

If you would like some help with this you can always contact me on 01228 380536 or and I would be delighted to answer any questions you may have in an honest no obligation chat and I WELCOME demonstrators to my team from Holland, Austria, Germany, France and of course the UK


  1. What if I dont want everything in the starter kit or I have already bought lots of Stampin’ Up! products?  That is not a problem – you build your kit yourself!  Although the kit includes a business starter kit everything else that comes in your kit is what you chose to be in there! So you actually get to choose around £130 of Stampin’ Up! products from any of the current catalogues! How fabulous is that?
  2. I dont want to be pressured into making sales every month – This is the most common thing that is said to me to be fair.  I have never felt any pressure to make sales and my business has both expanded and contracted and my life and family needs have changed over time.  There are no heavy targets to meet, you only need to achieve 450CSV (This is not punds £ but I will tell you more about this when we chat) every 3 calendar months to remain active and this can be made up of personal sales or sales to ‘customers’. What is even better is that this does not include the quarter that you join!
  3. I am not sure I have the time to commit to make it a high flying business/I have family commitments  – There are different ways to be a Stampin up demonstrator:
    1. those who want to buy for themselves at a discount – and occasionally for your friends and family crafters – whether it is for a short time while you save for something specific or just on socialising with other crafters:
    2. those who want to work around family and enjoy meeting people along the way; and
    3. those who want to make a career out of crafting and wish to put the time in to to create a special and unique role for themselves.

If you have more questions please do not hesitate to contact me – 01228 380536 or ……I look forward to talking with you xxx