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I had the time of my life….Stamp Club….Cardio Challenge and what comes next?

Oh My, Oh My!  what a great time we had yesterday! It was the start of theSimply Stamping classes and what a start! I drove there quite early to get set up and ensure I was there to great my ladies coming in. Just after half past nine the heavens opened and it started to rain! (it actually only stopped sometime early this morning!) The sky turned that rather nasty iron colour and just let the rain fall down in sheets. I thought ‘No one is going to come out in this weather for anything’. And then the ladies started to arrive. In ones and two’s. And they were looking as terrified as I felt. But golly! they were lovely to me.  If they knew I was terrified they never let on and laughed at my – very, very – small jokes as well! Here are a couple of pics – they all asked to photographed on their ‘good’ side – I hope I got it right!

Simply Stamping Girls

They all look very industrious don’t they!

Simply Stamping Girls - The Moon and Gold Girls

These girls have such lovely names I just couldn’t resist giving them a new moniker – Tracey and Gillian – thank you so much for your lovely comments on the blog and I can’t wait till next week either!

Simply Stamping Girls

I was chuffed to bits that every one was happy to get up and walk about – I have been to classes where I dare not move from my seat! This first class was pretty informal and designed to get everyone chatting together, moving around and comfortable working around others. A bit of a free for all really. Next week it all starts to get tougher! We will incorporate what we learned this week and add a couple of steps to it!  Great fun!  My second group of girls was a little smaller – only four turned up but I suspect the weather had an awful lot to do with it. Whilst these girls were totally different in personality as a group, they were still lots of fun to be around!  I don’t craft WITH anyone and it is something I really miss – when you craft together you tend to bounce ideas around and amazing things get made! Thats what happened with both of these groups – It was honestly a pleasure to be there! I am really looking forward to my last ‘first’ class on tuesday and really looking forward to class two starting saturday. If you haven’t booked your place then its time to give me a call or drop me an email!

STAMP CLUB – what do you think to that idea?  How will that work? and of course a billion other questions.  It’s simple really – you opt in to my Stampers Six group – there are six people in it and you each commit to spending £25.00 per month for six months.What do you get?  Well first off you will get a FREE copy of the Stampin’ UP Idea’s and Catalogue book, then when it’s your turn to be Hostess you get to choose your favourite stamp set right from the Idea’s and Catalogue Hostess Pages. AND on top of all that you also get to choose FREEBIES up to £15.00 on the month that you are Hostess! Cool eh?! What do you need to do to get into the club? Give me a call or an email and we will get you rolling towards your fantastic FREEBIES and HOSTESS Stamp Set.

Cardio Challenge starts tomorrow – thank the Lord it’s my feet that will be doing it and not my hands! I am not sure that I could manage to go too long without crafting!  So what I have to do is complete 40k – Yep! I did say 40k – each week for six weeks! Am I scared – you bet I am! At fifty years of age things don’t work quite as easily as they did when I was thirty or even forty and running on a regular basis! I am knocking back the Glucosamine and Chondroitin to get my bones and ligaments ready and am praying to God that the rain stops soon! All I need to do now is get those running shoes on….

It was my friend Sam’s birthday this week. Sam is my pal from work and a very cool and trendy person – I wanted to make her a card that reflected her personality and then I remembered this stamp set that I hadn’t used yet – A Flower for All Seasons and I thought Sam deserved to get lots of flowers and all seasons flowers are just about a reflection of her – she never changes and is always so lovely no matter what is happening! Happy Birthday to you Sam! 

Happy Birthday Sam!

So what comes next?  Hmm….well I have just booked my place at the Stampin’ Up Convention in Paris in November where I am hoping to meet lots of other Stampin’ Up girls, learn about the fantastic Christmas Stamps coming up and get some tips and tricks for some new techniques, designs and ideas to pass on to you girls.  I am quite excited about it and no doubts as it gets closer you will hear me going on about it quite a lot! Next week my Simply Stamping girls are going to be doing the Rock and Roll technique and the Two Step stamping technique – sounds like we ought to be having our dancing shoes on!

Time to go I am afraid but till next time – remember to stamp your place in the world! xxx

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  1. 🙂 Jealous of you going to Paris! As I said, glad it went well. And if you’re needing someone to craft with, give us a shout 😉 xx

  2. Awesome Lorraine! I think my birthday card from you was by far the best! So lovely! xx

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