So that took waaaaay longer than I was expecting! BUT I do finally have a bit of a finished project for you – I really enjoyed making this Project life page and was surprised at how easy it was once I got going.  Okay lets get to the pics!

First pic is the original Project Life by Becky Higgins, Stampin’ Up! proud and delighted to have Becky designing some exclusive project life items for them.  So what you are seeing here is my first box of Project Life that MB bought me last year for my birthday. It has sat on a shelf awaiting inspiration.  Now I don’t know how many of you have ever waited for inspiration, but it can be a bit like finding hens teeth!IMG_5681_2

So Stampin’ Up! have their exclusive box and because I consider myself to be a Project Lifer I bought it!!! I was thrilled! IMG_5682

I opened the box and was delighted with the contents.IMG_5684 IMG_5683_2

The contents were all about travel which was PERFECT because I intended – when inspiration arrived – to Project life our journeys – we travel around EVERYWHERE….well a lot, what with New Years resolution to spend me us time and my eldest son now living in Forres, and my youngest starting to look at universities….

So what can you get to actually make a Project Life page? well you start with and album, mine is 12 x 12 but you can get smaller. Lots of different page types and her are the one I have – IMG_5685_2See where the lines are? they are individual pockets to put ‘stuff’ in to …IMG_5688

The pockets can be in different places and give different effects…..IMG_5687 IMG_5688_2

I hope you can see these pockets okay….so they layouts can be individual and as unique as you want them to be and nothing stops you popping pages in between to add to your layouts but essentially the point is to illustrate life quickly and easily….So what did I make?

I chose New Years eve to make my first page about – and I have a few more pages that I want to make covering New Years Eve. It was a fun and magical time for MB and I.IMG_5692_2

We took the train to London – first time on our own for years – and headed first to Covent Garden for lunch and then the the theatre for a show – but that is for another page….This is page 1…..I used the Stampin’ Up! Lets Get Away Card Collection (137907 £13.50) and Accessory pack (137908) £8.50  –  I have mountains left from each pack so will get loads more pages done with what I have.

I do hope that you give Project Life a go – I was amazed how quickly it came together, lots of cards and backgrounds already prepared and ready to go – already colour co-ordinated – just brilliant!

Now if you are just a bot daunted by a full size 12 x 12 why not start small and try the So You Project Kit – it is a quick album kit – 12.2×12.2 Centimetres so really quite small by comparison to the full 12 x 12 inch one!  there is Loads in the kit including ribbon, 20 page protectors; cardstock and patterned paper; washi tape; epoxy stickers; quilted cotton ribbon; thick baker’s twine; clips; sequins; wood sheets; cork sheets; window sheets; wood cutouts – a terrific starter kit and all for (137951)£17.95! Here is my first two pages from my So You project (this one is abut my boys!)IMG_5690

The front page has a wooden sheet plus stickers!

IMG_5691Backgrounds, arrows, washi tape – everything you want to get on the road to capturing those special days quickly and easily!

Okay, that was a quick trip to Project Life – I will be featuring ore of this around once or twice a month and building mini book up and my main Project life album….I hope you will join me on this journey of discovery!

Until next time, remember to stamp your place in the world!